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hi guyz,I started from my reslm,i putted a santa beard on the cabinet last night,but then suddenly this morning i played cubic Castle and i was going to sell my santa beard but when i checked it in the cabinet,it was gone.please help


  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer Member
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    The game has bugs like that sometimes. Don't stress about it. Maybe Uninstall the game and install it again. Before you do that, be sure to put a password on your account!
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underRetired Moderator
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    Only way to get help with such things, is to contact the support team via,
  • arcanteusarcanteus Member
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    @BJDware Thanks,already send a ticket :)
  • RarixRarix Member
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    Okay, they'll reply you as soon as possible. =)
  • arcanteusarcanteus Member
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    Why arent they giving me messages or reply to my ticket that i sent
  •  gdog gdog Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    It can take a day or so for a reply.
    Just be patient.
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underRetired Moderator
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    Don't forget to check your spam folder, just in case the reply email found it's way into there.
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