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Selling Items

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Selling Items

  • Toilet 20c (SOLD)
  • Plasters (Blue and Red) 20c for 40
  • Red Dye 5c
  • Gravestone 2c
  • Fall Leafs 20c
  • Pink Gem 10c
  • Ruby Stair 15c
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater 300c (SOLD)
  • Password Tickets 50c 1cEACH
  • Computers 20c
  • Oil 1c for 1
  • Stone bricks 1 for 1c
  • Old Wood Stairs 10 for 5c
  • 3 Coal Blocks FREE/b>
    3 Sandstone for 3c
    9 Stone Blocks for 6c
    Silver Block 20c

Buying Items

  • 1 Bundle of Wheat for 1 full jug of milk
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