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I will not waste my time playing or doing anything here
After that I realized that none of what I'm doing will help me.
On the contrary, it's hurting me, I'll probably go 5 times
In the CC just to see how the game is, 2 years of my life lost
This my ban made me think of many, I just say one thing
You can close my discussion, I'm not calling ...
No one understands my situation;)
I will spend my time with things that contribute to my person
I'm not saying the game is not good, crap ...
No, no ! I'm trying to say that I'm going to stop playing.
Because I realized that I can do better things
Well, bye ...
I also do not understand the rules of forúm ...
A lot of people are not calling me ...
But I do not want you to call, I do not need you to feel better.
And do not come saying: '' Care via elvar ban, etc ''
I'm already aware of what will happen after this discussion is published
Well, I've taken a lot of the time from people who read this.

Goodbye. w:


  • HrothgarHrothgar Member
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    I know the feeling. I know I'm wasting time and I've quit many times, not for long but I have lol.
    (EDIT : This thread triggered some players for the "waste of time" thing lol)

    I wish you a happy life! See ya!
  • CatsDreamsCatsDreams Member
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    Well... I'm not waisting my time I think bc I don't have what to do irl (in real life) so... I just love this game and I'm playing it OFCOURSE some ppl that I hate there is when I want to do for them better they just ban me or report for no reason :/ but what I can do.... if some ppl don't like me? I won't leave this game for now bc I have plan what to do so I'm happy with this I'm not rich oh well... And every person/player knows what's better to him/her to leave or stay play this game... So yea....
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
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    Well this game is not really a waste of time..
    You can improve your english language if english is not your first language...Grammar and all that stuff..I personally can confirm.Plus it can be a way to relax and forget even if just for a moment the troubles that you face everyday in real life.
    But yeah other than that, it is a waste of time...
    But then, what isn't a waste of time?We all die anyways so we should live our life how we want..You won't get in any history books (fyi) and you will be in a few tens of years at 10 feet below the ground in a coffin with a gravestone above it..
    Of course; Doing things that can improve your real life situation should be more important than any game.
    Once you get to see anything possible and impossible on a game you start to get bored pretty fast..I can confirm this too.
    So OP here is my advice:Take a break, don't quit...If you have a temporary ban on your account return after that (Or avoid the ban and hope that someone doesn't catch you red handed but it's not worth the risk imo).
    Maybe you have friends on the game that care about you
    A break would be better than a quit, but it's your call.
    Also the game is a shipwreck right now.It's fine many have same opinion about the game..
    If the ban is permanent, then you deserved it and nothing can really be done anymore.
  • JAXsepticeyeJAXsepticeye Member
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    tooo much paragraphs...
  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer Member
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    Good Bye! I only play CC after school, when I'm bored, and when none of my friends can come out to play some soccer. That way, I don't waste precious time. Good Bye! (Don't delete your account or give away stuff just in cause you change your mine)
  • feEteRkeSefeEteRkeSe Member
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    This is deep
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    ok lol im about to drop 300 euro on this game
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