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    I know the feeling. I know I'm wasting time and I've quit many times, not for long but I have lol.
    (EDIT : This thread triggered some players for the "waste of time" thing lol)

    I wish you a happy life! See ya!
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    Well... I'm not waisting my time I think bc I don't have what to do irl (in real life) so... I just love this game and I'm playing it OFCOURSE some ppl that I hate there is when I want to do for them better they just ban me or report for no reason :/ but what I can do.... if some ppl don't like me? I won't leave this game for now bc I have plan what to do so I'm happy with this I'm not rich oh well... And every person/player knows what's better to him/her to leave or stay play this game... So yea....
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    tooo much paragraphs...
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    Good Bye! I only play CC after school, when I'm bored, and when none of my friends can come out to play some soccer. That way, I don't waste precious time. Good Bye! (Don't delete your account or give away stuff just in cause you change your mine)
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    This is deep
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    ok lol im about to drop 300 euro on this game
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