Valentine's 2018 Suggestions. Heart tutu, Bowl 'o chocolates, and more!(LOVE MOBILE)

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For 2018 Valentine's the could be:

A heart tutu ( A red tutu with white hearts) Uncommon
Bowl 'o Chocolates (Deco, pink bowl with chocolate truffles) Common
Cupid's Bow (Works like a wand, shoots heart tipped arrows, bow is white, Unlimited Charges) Super Rare
Heart Eyepatch (Red Eyepatch with a Red Heart instead of a black circle) Rare
Heart Skirt (Same as tutu) Rare
Pink Bed (Bed with pink sheets, Big heart on the pillow) Common
Valentine Desk (Wood table with a pile of Valentine's) Rare
Wuvva Pants (Pants with hearts, available in pink, red, and white) Common
Cupid Pet (Tiny Qbee with Cupid wings and a Cupid Halo) Super Rare
Love Potion (Deco, glass bottle with pink liquid inside) Common
Valentine Mailbox (Works like a normal mailbox, white with 2 pink hearts on either side) Rare
Valentine Box (Open box filled with Valentine letters, Basically a chest) Uncommon
Valentine Chest (White chest with pink or red hearts) Super Rare
Love Mobile (A white version of the Dorkmobile but with a heart on top and on it's hood) Separate from pack, 60k


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