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Aze's Farm-O-Maniac

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I sell the following, and if you want any of these, let me know. Also, 10 for price of 8, 5 for price of 4.

Watering Cans: 2c Each
Tomato Seeds: 2c Each
Corn Seeds: 6c Each
Filled Watering Cans: 5c for 2
Corn=6c Each*
Tomato=2c Each*
Yum/Chili/Sunberry Bushes=2/c

*:I have to grow these, expect them in delays.

One little sidenote: If anything else is to be needed to be sold, let me know and I will prepare stock.
This is for the prices.
  1. Do you think they are fair?3 votes
    1. Yuss :D
    2. No. Watering cans too expensive
    3. No. Corn too expensive
    4. No. Tomato too expensive


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    Tomatoes give 1 recube. Corn gives 4 recubes, and tomatoes are 4x less valuable. So corn seeds would actually cost (3 cubits x 4) 12c. Weird.. It got expensive.. And psst.. It's worth buying the corn
    I will buy 5 corn seeds please friend me
  • AzeredAzered Member
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    I have your seeds - Once you're on ill deliver
  • realiserealise Member
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    I would like to buy 10 corn seeds please, and thank you!
  • AzeredAzered Member
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    Got them! - Come pick em up
  • AzeredAzered Member
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    Bumpey, added some extra items ^_^
  • AzeredAzered Member
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    Bump anyone?
  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    I buy 4 tomato seeds (8c).
  • AzeredAzered Member
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    Will be done, my RC harvest kicks in tomorrow, so tomorrow ill sell u them.
  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    okay friend me and I'll tp to you when your online.
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