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Create new Elements (Game)

MarioMario2.0MarioMario2.0 Member
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So this is how you’ll play the game:

Here’s an example: Barkirum

You’ll need to add a discription like this:

Barkirum- a gas matter that just makes you bark.


So yeah that’s how you’ll play it! Btw imma make one now :P

Sheepnite- used to make sheeps.


  • MedicationsMedications Member
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    MedFart- Medicines that explode to exhaust farts and stuns the target.
    42.60 Karma
    MatchaKing-Cubiccastles that the ice cream 400k worth that using 3boogers from easter packs made by EPIC Baker-Honey Bomb
  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer Member
    edited January 20 77.50 Karma
    Lamboarri- A car that is a body of a Lamborghini Aventador but has a La Ferrari engine and it will be added to CC. If this isn't an element mine would be GameDog: A dog that appeasers and is gaming
  • AzeredAzered Member
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    CubBomb - A bomb that gives everyone nearby C depending on how close they are.
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