Free parkour campaign #parkourisforfun

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Spoiler: Disclaimer
This is a place to neither blame nor insult any pay-to-play parkour owners. I did NOT do any of the above here, and I never will.

Dear players,

As a true (and old) parkour lover, I can't stand seeing:
+People using parkours as a form of business, or even scamming
+People hate parkours because of being scammed / lost in a pay-to-play (P2P) parkour because they couldn't get the money back.
+People following this trend of P2P parkours without seeing the whole picture of it.

I agree that i shouldn't complain because this is legal, but I can't just stand there and watch it turning into something dark and evil in the players' eyes.

Therefore, I decided to start this campaign, to bring parkours back to its original purpose: Fun

If you agree with me, you can just simply spread the words to your friends, tell them not to play.
On my part, I will increase the frequency of holla-ing free parkour races for everyone, as well as to remind people about the risk of entering P2P parkours.

The campaign will last for approximately 1-3 months, and I appreciate all the helps and supports from all of you.


P/S: I know making this thread is equal to declaring a war to all those P2P parkour owners. However, I accept all the consequences in the future, as I will not be easily defeated after 3 years of playing CC.


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    I agree on this,few days ago I wanted to start a paid parkour but when I saw other's opinion I changed my mind.
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