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Is there a way to delete a comment?

CrismemosCrismemos Member
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the title says everything


  • RaizusekuRaizuseku Member
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    As far as I know, no, there isn't. But you can flag your own comment to be removed if it breaks the rule or something but I don't know if you can do that for general purpose.
  • Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
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    You can't, but you can remove the content you posted
  • feEteRkeSefeEteRkeSe FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    I am afraid a normal player cant. Only moderators and admins will delete a comment (on wish)
  • =SirArchAngel==SirArchAngel= FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    You can just edit your comment and say sorry
  • CrismemosCrismemos Member
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  • =SirArchAngel==SirArchAngel= FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Crismemos said:


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