Paying Parkours With “Rare Prizes”

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I’ve been playing Cubic Castles lately and I’ve noticed there have been some parkours where you have to pay and there are rare prizes at the end. this just started to gain popularity and more and more people are doing it. In the CC rules it says there are no paying games. This is one of them. I’ve seen 3 - 4 so far and more and more people will do more. I need mods to put a stop to this before it takes over like payaways did.

People ask why is it that bad? Well first reason is that people could scam , there could be a top hat at the end when you payed 200c. second reason is some of the parkour can be impossible and you would die and waste your money.

Also I saw one of those parkour saying Ed approved one of them. Is that true Ed?? I think it is was $uper Leapard who made it but I’m not sure . Was close to that name tho.


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    If the prizes are worth the c then I believe they are allowed but most people dont trust them because of certain people scamming by making the end like 99.99% impossible
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    Paid parkours are allowed as of now as long as it's doable but there hasn't been specific criteria that need to be met for it to be valid. As far as I know, Ed might've approved them because they are allowed despite the fact that many have been abusing it since he can't know whether each one of them is doable or not without actually doing the parkour.

    And I do agree with what you said. It's quickly getting out of hand and I rather have it completely stopped before it causes any more issues. I don't really see the point in allowing paid parkours since it was fairly clear that people were going to abuse it whether it is via having players to pay more than what the prizes actually worth or people creating an impossible parkour for players without or even with perks.

    Sure, it's a challenge but it isn't just a challenge anymore if the sole reason for making the parkours is to earn profit through it by any means necessary.
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    I think they just do payaways cause they are afraid they someone will win it and they would regret it sooner or later cause it costs alot. im just saying my opinion dont hate on it.
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    It is still, in a way a payaway just with a parkour in between paying and getting your prize. The owner decides the order at which the prizes are given and the prizes arent worth what you paid anyway
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