Charlye has won the Easter Umbrella June Raffle! Next up: Dino Head.


Medya1010Medya1010 Member
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If you had to delete one of these hats which one would it be and why


  • CanItBeDoneCanItBeDone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
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    Not sure if Umbrella is a hat :P, but I wouldn't want to get rid of them D:
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
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    All of them...Or maybe i'll keep the fascinator alive so that knop won't kill my business again xD plus the fascinator is nice and cheap.
    Why would i delete so many though?Just because i could and i'd like to see the economy crashing before it gets back to normal...Something that developers do not want to see because they're affraid that their moving-ATMs will dissapear from the game..Sad!
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    umbrella.. because i dont like it.. lol
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    Goodbye bonnet! I don't like the look of you.
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