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Who plays growtopia?

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MODS I am not asking because we are gonna trade cubics for wls but to see who else plays the game.


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    Tasticc and bio own this growtopia/other gaming discord server. Most of us play growtopia
  • OutdatedChickenOutdatedChicken FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    I have no idea what growtopia is so don't suggest it to me. And whoever suggested transformice- I am now addicted to cubic castles and transformice -_-

    EDIT: Now playing and it is too fun to stop lol- Apart when I was called a noob and people put world locks on my realms worlds and banning me and stealing my stuff
  • HrothgarHrothgar Member
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    I play Growtopia and am the proud owner of 37DLS C:
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    Growtopia sucks man its infected and cancerous.

    Its hacked and everyone is super mean.

    I tried it and everyone called me a wuss a noob or a piece of crap.

    What a warm welcome...
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    SirArchANgel if u do decide to play again id be just down right happy to lend u a hand. If u do my name is LuLaRoe and I can mostly be found in fancycoffee. So if u do just give me a msg on there or here
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    growtopia sucks. ways to get wls are extremely boring and repetive and the opposite of fun. also the community is full of annoying 8 year olds. please if you are reading this dont play this game ever
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