Sculpty R' Us

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At Sculpty R' Us we make pixel and sculpty blocks. With each order there is a limit of 5k blocks per week. The more there is to a order the longer it takes. We do the orders in order when we get them. There will be a area at the realm where we have the order statuses for everyone who leaves an order on where we are on the order and how far in we have got for that order.

Workers - Xx_TPM258_xX (Mudkip), *Honeymoon*, Jadabug

Prices (Prices are for each pixel/sculpty)

Pixel Blocks

Dark Purple Pixel - 2c
Light Blue Pixel - 2c
Indigo (Dark Blue) Pixel - 2c
Deep Green Pixel - 2c
Light Green Pixel - 2c
Red Pixel - 2c
Orange Pixel - 2c
Burnt Umber (Brown) Pixel - 2c
Yellow Pixel - 2c
Tan Pixel - 2c
Grey Pixel - 2c
Light Grey Pixel - 2c
Cyan Pixel - 2c
White Pixel - 1c
Pink Pixel - 2c

Sculpty Blocks

Sculpty DIrt - 1c
Sculpty New Wood - 3c
Sculpty Old Wood - 3c
Sculpty Stone - 2c
Sculpty Iron - 3c
Sculpty Clay - 3c
Sculpty Sand - 2c
Sculpty Coal - 2c
Sculpty Bark - 4c
Scultpy Grass - 1c


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