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Pay tribute to Mn0..

Tinypup_34Tinypup_34 Member
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Mn0 was my best friend. He left all the sudden. I didn't know why... Then, I found his last message. He had a disease in real life that was killing him. He said he wasn't coming back. Pay tribute by donating anything so I can make a grave in his honor.

Thank you for listening.


  • canitbedonecanitbedone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
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    Never met this player, but I hope he’s okay D:
  • LiberatedLiberated Member
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    Makes me feel bad for denying his friend request yesterday. I didn't know him and I don't like to add complete strangers, but maybe he wanted to speak to me for some reason. I hope his health returns back to him and whatever is wrong is cured. Prayers to him.
  • Tinypup_34Tinypup_34 Member
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    Thank you guys so much. :Q:
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