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Car Audio Bug

*AmyBae**AmyBae* Member
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Good Evening everyone, today I just wanna report a bug with cars, it's happened since the sleigh came out.
All car audio's have been jacked up. What do I mean? When you're riding the sleigh for a few seconds and get out.
The audio of the sleigh carry's on. (same with dork) And only when you remove the car and place it again, it's fixed.

Also with different audio's. What I mean is that the sleigh is now producing a dork mobile sound as it rides?
It's pretty insane.. Please fix this bug.. It's quite annoying because I think, "Huh? What's that noise..?" Then I see
it's my sleigh..

Please comment whether this has happened to you..

This has happened to me quite a few times, now.


  • LiteRaryLiteRary Member
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    That happens to everybody l guess (including me). So, l hope it will be fixed ASAP.
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