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Price of black cat kennel?

UnluckiestUnluckiest Member
in Help Requests 4.30 Karma
I own a level 47 one and I was wondering if anyone knows its current price. c:


  • canitbedonecanitbedone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
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    150k for level 0 - 200k (ish) for level 49
  • UnluckiestUnluckiest Member
    4.30 Karma

    150k for level 0 - 200k (ish) for level 49

    Ah, okay. Thank you!
  • skullcandy36052skullcandy36052 FamiliarMember, Familiar
    edited January 3 4.00 KarmaFamiliar
    ive seen ppl buy lv 0 for 130-150k, lv 47 prob around 195k
  • feEteRkeSefeEteRkeSe Member
    2.60 Karma
    up to 200k. These are extremely rare and dont always have fixed prices
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