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Join CC Community Discord Server

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I was recently elected to takeover this discord server, CC Community, as owner.
We offer many different channels and are willing to create more specific ones if you have a specific topic you would like to focus on. It is built of mostly if not all CC players, but we don't just focus on CC, We have an Economy channel where you can earn "money" and buy "items". A Debate Team where people can voice their opinion and debate (respectfully of course). A Music channel where you can chat and share links about music you like. Movies & Tv, Anime, CC Events/BuyNSell, Scam Awareness, even Art/Animation where you can share your art! And Plenty More! So come check it out, see if maybe it's a place you would be interested in!
Link To Join This Server Here: https://discord.gg/Twvr6NK


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