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MINI-AFK MACHINE! (Not Mini Anymore) Is WORLD's Largest AFK MACHINE!

LateComLateCom Member
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Come To Nature Vending Realm And Afk Here!
Boost My Popularity!
Also Does Anyone Have An Afk Machine That Takes Longer Than 4 Mins and 16 seconds? 15 MINUTES???????


  • PrinceirwinPrinceirwin Member
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    g e n i u s
  • LateComLateCom Member
    edited January 3 115.60 Karma
    So.... This is the new innovation that i did to it, and now it takes 4 mins 16 seconds to complete a round.
  • SHINE07SHINE07 Member
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    That's cool I'm gonna go there now and waste 4 min and 16 sec (to be exact) of my life XD
  • LateComLateCom Member
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    oops............. forgot to update....
    it now takes about 15 mins for a round i think?
    it leads to another room now.
  • SHINE07SHINE07 Member
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    Oh really? I did it like 30 minutes ago and it didn't lead anywhere
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