WeslleyWN has won the Halo February 1st drawing will be a Ramm.

Entry Closed! Awaiting Results!

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So basically I have taken on YT as a hobby again... watch this vid for more info?
And pls like and sub too :P
Would appreciate if you did so.

By far, using a number generator, this is the first 20 people that i gathered:

The Bumper Above The Penguin:
48- Gael152004
100- -*Bolinha*-
24- Andreea1234xD
66- elemental god
32- _Panda
42- Superpower girl
61- Sir. Skillz
64- $uperplayz
14- DomTheLegend
44- TurnsOutItAintMe

The Bumper Next To The Penguin:
92- _Released_
51- XxCrysyzxX
69- []Mr.Aztelucas[]
100- CleaveZ
23- Deathnation
76- *Gemini*
85-Cafe De Terno

Congratulations! You 20 People Have Advanced To The Next Round!

Note: Next Round Will Start At 225 Subscribers!!!!!
Make Sure To Subscribe And Leave A Like!
Channel Name: CubicLateYT


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