How to not get scammed 101: Outer-Game

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Hello there

If you have any photos/images and details on new OUTER game scams, you can send me stuff at
or if you have any fake website links you can send me them too, either via forum PM or the email.


First over all lets explain the term of Outer-Game Scam: This method is kind of popular it's all about every outer-game thing, example: email, websites, other forums, fake social pages, impersonating Mods/Admins.


Common Method: Email's

How does it work: It is a kind of mostly convincing email with entries like “Congratulations” etc, About winning something and to claim *scam link or website* OR asking to reply with your username and password, Admins can check your password, They do not need to know it from you, They own the database, they can enter the database and grab your password whenever they would like to.

How to avoid mistaking real CC email with those scam emails?: First of all, The official cubic castles mail server is And the address of it is So if you see that the email is not from that server nor either that address, Flag it as spam and remove.


Common method: Website links (Prizes, Become Staff, Etc)

How does it work: You can get those links in emails from scammers, Even people yell them in game sometimes, Even from your “closest” friend on CC, Just beware of them, If you get a link from anyone that is not on OFFICAL CubicCastles domain with information that it's a prize or anything like that, Simply don't enter them for your own safety, And if you do want to enter them NEVER I repeat NEVER do it on PHONE due to phone browsers being low secured and mostly manipulated to inject anything into your phone really, If you do get one of those websites, You can PM me the link if you want to, I really love to take care of those websites

*Redirect links examples: adfly googl shortc etc (Money earning ad redirect links).

One of thoose websites CRINGE LOL


Common method: Social Pages

How does it work: Oh hey SirKewberth added me on Instagram! He asked me to be a mod in Instagram DM Oh my it sure he's real! N O he's not, No Staff will ever add you on Other social pages to ask that type of things, Those people will ask you to enter a link, Or just simply give out your username and password to get anything they say “Mod, Cubits” Even one man said they give ownership of the game so yeah... Never trust social pages of “Game Staff”.

How to deal with those: Simply report them to the social page that they are in for impersonating and fraud, Most social pages will trigger their WARN system if more than 8 people will report one person for similar reasons


Uncommon method: Game via Game Trading

How does it work: Hey man I am selling *other game item that you play* Want to get it by paying in cubits? Well no one want's to, This scam is the most evil one, You can trade anything to those type of people and never receive your promised “Other game item”, Never and NEVER trade like that.


*NEW* Common method: Link's to fake forum(s) Pages.

How does it work: Found out by some people that got them, Basically you get asked to view a discussion or something out-game by a person, The person links you the “Discussion” link, Of course its outside of domain aka SCAM FAKE LOGIN PAGE e.e


That's all for this time, I will keep updating this guide as I will get noticed of new methods that count in as Outer Game category by me.

*Cosmic Cow Staff will NEVER ask you for your Private information or Password(s)


Scamming webs are pain, I am the good guy, If you find any CC "Hack" Webs you can PM me them i take care of that stuff, Or any other type of CC Webs that DEMAND your password, I love to take care of thoose people and thier IP after takedown.

Total count of taken down Scamming Webs: 19 (17 Builder(s), 2 Paid-Host)

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2018-07-16: Info update.

If you have any photos/images and details on new OUTER game scams, you can send me stuff at
(my email)
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