a new horse pet with awesome abilities! also a suggestion about stoping scams

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i am suggesting to add a horse pet which you can ride sooo first you probaly asking how its a pet and you can ride? and how to level it up if you are riding it its easy you can make a horse pet house like the other pets and when you get close to it 2 buttons appear use(let it follow you not riding it so you can feed it )and store in inventory (to ride) when you have it in your inventory you can drop it (like the car ) and jump to ride it the horse speed could depend on its level and maybe you can make it that no one can ride except it reaches level 10 or 5 oh also you can make the horse jump by clicking the jump button you will probally ask how to get out? you can make it also like the farmer almanac (you have to put in first row of items in order to use and when you dont want to ride it you can move the horse item in lower rows of items also you can build with the horse unlike the car you can build with it example: if you are 3 blocks away from someplace you want to build a crafting table you just click on the place that you are 3 blocks away from and the horse runs towards it! oh and about the scams the warp food and payaway scams you can make warp food cant be placed in vends like when you drop a message appear on the top of your qbee saying you cant sell warp food (and even if the person tries to sell he cant) also you can make warp food not tradeable so no one tries to scam with it you will ask how are we gonna give people warp food to our shop!? you can give it in their inventory or they can just pick food from prize machine... the common ways to get people to come back in your shop also for realm scams you can make a new setting in acces setup a map of your realm telling you where you standing right now you can click on the person name you want to give perm in some place of your realm and click on the blocks you want him to build in sooooo he cant scam your vends but he will still put his own and edit price of them (this is better than foundation claim bumper) or if this idea is too complicated you can use foundation blocks but just allow the person to edit his vends also there is a new scam since the new pack came out the candy cane i saw a person trapped people in a box of scaffold and put a vend inside the box and not allowing the people to see it and he mute the realm and there was candy canes for 2k but he broke scaffold by accident so he did another holla and put more scaffold and i saw the deco candy canes and when he did holla he took out the scaffold again and his vend was empty what you can do to prevent this scam is name the candy canes that can be built "decoration candy cane" and the other candy cane "wearable candy cane"
hope you like my ideas! thank you :)
about my ideas
  1. are they good? should they be added?6 votes
    1. yes of course!
    2. nah they are stupid
    3. the anti scam ideas are awesome!
    4. the horse idea is awesome!


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