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Shrink Bumper Bug?

YourPalSalYourPalSal Member
edited December 2017 in Bug Reports 1.35 Karma
Well my sister and her friend and I were playing with the shrink bumper today. I turned on player vs player and you were able to squish players. If that was an actual thing in the game it would kinda ruin the purpose of the shrink bumper. We were planning to play hide and seek with it and if you get hit with the wand until you die your out. I then found out by stepping on a qbee (not shrunk by a shrink wand) would instantly kill them as if they were shrunken by a shrink wand. If this is a bug it would be good to fix! Thank you!!


  •  gdog gdog Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    This was intended, The shrink wand did the same thing.
    This give s people options to have pvp on or off while keeping the same behavior as the shrink wand if wanted.
  • JackFuryJackFury Member
    edited December 2017 58.10 Karma
    Just turn pvp off. Not sure how you could think this was unintended, as it even has an animation and sound effect for the squish. It does not ruin anything
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