Being Called A Scammer

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So Joey Gamer was helping me, and set down what he says to be 2 spudbug ina boxes, but there was only 1. When I give it back to him, he claims that I'm a scammer because apparently there was 2 sitting there. What does one do in this situation? Its already dealt with, but for future reference, this has sadly happened more than once with other people. Sorry, the pictures are in backwards order.. sort of.
For All Of Us Being Called Scammers...
  1. What Should One Do?15 votes
    1. Ban Him/Her
    2. Try To Calm Him/Her Down
    3. Report Him/Her
    4. Keep The Items :P (Sure How I Felt, But I Didn't!)


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    If you know you are in the right, you have nothing to worry about. Simply leave / ignore him / ban
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    Sadly this happened to me ;-;
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    after reading that i wanna change my answer to ban :)
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    There's no reasoning with people like this.
    Just ban them from your realm and go about your day.

    If you did nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about.
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    Basic explanation:

    When one lags, they may place a block TWICE, but it is only one block.

    The lag shows 2 blocks when it is only 1 on screen.

    This gives a warning in the chat that says "ILLEGAL BLOCK"

    He probrably did not see this.

    May be the explanation. I happen to have had this happen on several occasions, it is very annoying.

    He relogged, fixing the double vision of the box. He thought you took it when he just fixed the lagged box.

    I happen to know alot about lag related issues as well as many other unknown bugs. This one was quite easy to diagnose.
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    At Pen's, sees person trying to rent a rental, goes and rents it out, person tries framing you as a scammer.

    feels really good being called a scammer.
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    People often like to just bait you. I am afraid there is nothing else left than just ignoring and/or banning
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