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How do sprinklers work

I just got the sprinkler perk do u have to water the plants before the sprinkler works or does it do it automatically for me it did not because I had to water it


  • canitbedonecanitbedone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
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    You have to leave the realm and then it'll show its watered
  • K thanks
  • RedGaming1RedGaming1 Member
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    I made a video on how it looks, here it is, hope it helps!
  • feEteRkeSefeEteRkeSe FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    small sprinklers water 4 directions (north, east, south, west)
    big sprinklers do the same but water the blocks diagonally aswell.
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