All CC YouTubers come together! A New Year's Eve special for all channels

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I was thinking all CC YouTubers should come together on New Year's at 11: 30am Western time (Eastern Time: 2:30pm) and come record a New Year's Special for their channel! We could all come together and record in each participating YouTubers YouTube rooms and open packs, make funny jokes at each other, etc....etc... Anything that could make viewers entertained. At the end, we should all post for a picture at a decorative realm (I was thinking one of Hinter's) and screenshot a picture.

Time For Event

December 31st at 11: 30am Western time (Eastern Time: 2:30pm). Don't be late!

Participating Cubic Castles YouTubers

(Comment below if interested.)
Sir. Pixel
Outdated Chicken
12 Days Left!


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