The Big Smoke Order

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Very long ago, there were two foreigners. Both came to Qland in hopes of finding something valueable. Something ancient. Memes.They looked forever, but they could not find it! Not a trace! All they found were old puns. So the men, Great Danish King, Hrothgar and Grand Meme Master, Jad Kheirallah, decided to create their own. Based on a true hero...Big Smoke! But creating a meme is no ordinary feat, oh no. They needed another essential relic. A Clan Stone.They split their wealth, Hrothgar being the wealthy earner that he is gave a lot. Jad too, I guess. They spent years looking for the relic, but they could not find it! They went to Super Xtreme lengths! They could not find it... They went to Epieland! No relic... Wolf Alpha, Ums-for! Everywhere! But no relic...anywhere! They lost hope...One day, there came a message from the Hollorans! A man named Mas. Count of Mas. They had what they were looking for! They had received the relic, at long last! After a month...came The Big Smoke Order! Their motto! "I ain't russian." They aimed to prove to the world that they were the leaders of memes! They still this day.

Okay, so we're taking members.
Go to "the Ministry House" to join.

Clan Named by dad kheirallah
Clan Stone funded by Raghtorh dna hallariehk daj
Reviewed by tomk2005 10/10

Thaaaaank you.


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