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I was thinking with, the emergence of the Farmer's Almanac and being able to tell when you last watered and when you planted a seed/plant, that maybe there can be a more detailed version.
And then it came to me

(The) Master's Almanac

This almanac can give a player a more detailed analysis including the time planted, when it was last watered, time till wilting and time till harvest-able.
It also provide both minutes and hours instead of just hours.

I couldn't quite figure out how it would work after a plant dies sooo... I've thought of 2 possible ways it can
If a plant dies:
1 - The time till harvest-able will disappear and the time till wilting will be replaced with "time since wilted" letting players know how long it's been since the plant wilted.
2 - The time till wilting and time till harvest-able will no longer be visible but it can still show when it was last watered and when it was planted.

Answer in poll below
The Master Almanac
  1. Do you think a more detailed almanac is a good idea12 votes
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    2. Maybe
    3. No
  2. How should the almanac react after plant's death12 votes
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