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Kitty Empire Valentine Build Buying List!

Honey BombHoney Bomb Member
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For Kitty Empire 2018 Projects,We Decided Make A 100x100 Valentine Theme Build!We Need Your Helps!

Comment ur vends
1:any trunk 5/c
2:Water 15/c !
3:Blue Pixel 3/c !
5:healing block 50c each
7:Beewax 5/c
8:Big Teddy Bear 50c each
9: Small Teddy Bear 25c each
10:rose petals 20c each
11:Yellow Pixel 3/c !
13:Pink Valentine Block 2c each
14:Red Pixel 3/c
15:Pink Pixel 3/c
16:Pink/Blue Presents 15c each
17:Double Mattress 2c each

Selling(Find them at Honey Bomb-Tale Shop :P )
1:Scrub 1c each (PM me)
2:Box O' Blocks 200c each (Uncommon Pm me )
3:Bouncy block 1c each!
4:Christmas chest 420c each (Uncommon Pm me)
5:Santa Workbench 100c each
6:Yule log 25c each
7:Deluxe coffin 80c each
8:Wood post 1c each
9:Desk pot 1c each
If you need something just comment if i have those i could sell you :3


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