Tale Shop item prices

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Yeah,i only sell crafting items 1c-2c ! Something might improve building , so check here ! (Comment what you want and amount try to date a time to sell to ya

Selling List
1:Bouncy block 1c each
2:Desk pot 1c each
3:Scrub 1c each
4:Sandstone column 1c each
5:Sink 1c each
6:House Lamp 1c each
7:Fridge 1c each
8:Rehydrator 2c each (Last one)
9:Office Lamp 2c each
10:Forge 1c each
11:Anvil 1c each
12:Cedar fence 1c each
13:Stone cross 1c each
14:Old wood shelf 1c each
15:Up sign 1c each
16:Grey checkers 1c each
17:Crude signpost 1c each (319 amounts!)
18:Fancy road 1c each
19:Old wood chair 1c each
20:Old wood table 1c each
21:Sandy block 1c each
22:Sandstone 1c each
23:Stone column 1c each
24:Extractor 1c each
25:Chest 1c each
26:Wood ladder 1c each
27:Soil 1c each
28:Stone brick 2c each
29:Stone brick cap 2c each
30:Sandy brick 2c each
31:Mecho-spikes yellow 2c each
32:Mecho-spikes blue 2c each
33:Spike floor 1c each
34:Fancy table 2c each
35:Fancy chair 2c each



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