The Monthly Cubic Raffle - New Year's Raffle!

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The Daily Cubic Raffle Official Thread

Okay, so what is this?

Every Month there will be a raffle at my realm, called "60th Day Of Mysteries(RPG GAME)". For this month's raffle is Christmas and Spring Deco. To enter you must -
Search 60th Day Of Mysteries(RPG GAME) in the lobby
Go down the stairs in my realm and you will see a golden stand with a raffle bumper.
Bump the bumper.
Wait for the 28th of every month on this thread for the winner!

This Month's Raffle Prizes - They could be rare sometimes!

Spring and Christmas Deco

Next Raffle Prizes:

Hmm... A surprise. >:]


Last 5 Winners:

Fire Charmander


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