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✬ The Cubic Times ✬ Facebook Page Now Open!

-Joystick--Joystick- FamiliarMember, Familiar
Hello there! The Cubic Times has just his own facebook page now! Be sure to check it out!

Facebook Page

What can I see there?
We will upload the progression of The Cubic Times, the leaderboard or other exclusive stuff! :)

What is The Cubic Times?
The Cubic Times is a newspaper about all the Cubic Castles Universe! Led by -Joystick- and all its awesome writers!

May I help?
The Cubic Times is always recruiting new writers! Be sure to join our discord server! >

I wanna be a moderator (on facebook and/or dscord
Glad you want to help us! Be sure to send -Joystick- a message and he will answer your questions about this!


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    Joined the group :P
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