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maybe add monthly pvp events?

you can make an official realm (in the lobby) called cubic arena where qbees battle each other in this month even each qbee have 3 chance he must have to get as many kills as he plays (the arena battle does not start unless there are 10 qbees in) i am suggesting this because pvps are like no use in this game also maybe add more features for clans? they are a bit boring maybe add... clan events? that good go with the pvp arena! the clan can go together in a battle and get as many kills oh btw there can be top 10 clans and top 10 qbees and you could give.. idk give 5k to each qbee in clan who helped (got some kills) and the top 5 in a clan get 15k? (thats the top 1 clan) and maybe the top 10 qbees the first qbee get 25k-30k?


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    Before they do this, they need to make pop more engaging and instead of wasting hundreds of charges to get a single person who has maxed out perks :P
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