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Taking drawing suggestions!

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Since I can already tell my other suggestion art thing is outdated, I made a new one. Please read EVERYTHING.

Here's some examples of my drawings.


This was a request from my old discussion


I entered some kinda draw contest with this. Had to be this specific outfit. I suck at cupids I know but I got better at em.

It depends on how hard it is to draw the drawing.
So 100c per simple thing. 300c per regular QBee. 500c per QBee In my style.

If it's your QBee, send me a screenshot and say what pose you'd like. Say other details as well if you need for it. Example: If your QBee has an umbrella you can have it closed or open.
If your QBee is sitting, the item it's sitting on counts as a simple thing. Extra QBees in the image are depending on what style they're in.
300c for a bonus regular 500c for a bonus my style, etc.

Also specify gender.

Also if you looked at my provided examples in the spoilers for my style, you can tell they have hair. I'll do the hair style that you want for my style QBees. I won't do bald, sorry.

Either add me in game to pay or tip in my pig at my realm to pay.
Realm name: Dubby's Shop


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