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Five Nights At Sep's!!! x5 sub vampires to winner

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Uniquest type of the game. Participate all !!!

Eee, hello? Welcome to Sep's Night House, where strange things are happening. Did you play Fnaf? This game is almost the same!!

What do you need to do to get five sub vampires?
Pm me, send request and ask me to play!

You will need to stay in the Viewing Room (A) and watch through glass ahead and left glass by defy betamax. "Animatronics" will spawn in the random room. How to stop them? :O dont worry, they are slow! Just go in required room and crash the stone. Make them fall! It will not kill them, but will stop them for a while.

What about Music Room (D444)? You need to keep eye at it too. If you see someone is there - play music and make him go back!

Dont forget about Big Room (E). You can watch for it through the glass from room B (Left Entrance). But dont move far from the Viewing Room.

If animatronic gets in the Viewing Room - he says "Ooo" and you see fast blinking of stamps... that means you losed.

But dont worry. Each day you have one chance to play again! So you can try 7 times per a week if meet me online. Each qbee has a chance to try a "test-game" before start real one. At first this game is difficult. But it's not if you have experience. You can practise as long as you want if animatronics will be online :D

I will add better prizes and more chances later!

All games start from sounds: 12.00

Possible questions:
1) Why can't i just walk in all rooms and crash the stone? Why do i need to watch for cameras?

Answer: it's your only chance to know where animatronic is. If you will walk in different rooms - you will miss something, for example - Music Box.

2) How long do i need to survive?

Answer: 5 nights. Each night is 8 minutes and more difficult than previously.

3) What to do if i will lose? Do i need to start everything again?

Answer: no, next day you will start from the same night!

4) How do i know time left before end of the night? How do i know when i will complete night?

Answer: each 2 minutes i will write in chat +1.5 hours. For example: 12.00; 1.30; 3.00; 4.30; 6.00. Once you complete night - animatronic Sep moves through the Main Hall and puts firework.


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