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Selling Items !!!!!

RazaK8RazaK8 FamiliarMember, Familiar
edited December 12 in Trading Section 2.65 Karma
D-Angels = 10k
coke glasses = 750
Angels = 6.5k
Exe = 4k
Green Cube = 800
Blue Cube = 300
Xmas Scarf = 4k
Purple Scarf = 5k
Sun Crown = 1.6k
Red Murkp Stamp = 1.8k
Tricon Hat = 1k
Bunny Ear = 250 c
Xmas Trees Golden = 300c
Xmas Trees Silver = 200c
Cash Registers = 35c
Harm wands (FC) = 30c
Balefull BOx = 700c
Invisibility Clock = 750c
Ear Muffs = 500c
Wuuvu Shirts = 150c
Headphones = 500c
Least Fool's Cap = 3k
Red Murk stamp = 1.8k
Quality soil = 70c each
Decent Soil = 22c each

if any of u wanna buy hit me up in the comments or pm me.

btw price wont be lowered.


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