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Ramm for 50$ in cubit store



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    You could saying adding the pet back to the store would have Rammifications lol. Ahem >_<.
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    what if they do the same thing in the press hats devs bought all press hat in game while the press hats cant obtain in hat pcks its only for the ytbers and devs bought all press hats for fair and goodprice and they added it in the hat packs. what if they do this same thing in ramms? buy all ramms for fair price to the qbee that has and they put it back in store. does people lose their c?

    I am not pushing the devs or anyone to do this, its just my suggestion and thoughts

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    If back the ram lvl 0 it will not be any more rare, and i bought one now for 500k+itens, if back the ram can lower 200kc or more and so I will lose a lot c

    Good example of people that doesnt want it because they else lose cubits..... IN REAL LIFE IT WOULD BE THE SAME WITH STOCKS, SO INGAME YOU CAN ALSO GET A BIG RISK, THATS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU TRY TO EARN CUBITS
    (Yes i know the first one just gave an example, but i am talking about the people he gave an example about)
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    @SirKewberth @CosmicCow
    Your Decision pls
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    i dont know why everyone keeps stretching this topic , everyone is saying this should be this and that should be that, didnt heard anyone actually saying that he would buy it.
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