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Can someone "Reserve" and "Sell" me Christmas Stuff?

@Kiel@Kiel Member
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I buy...
-The Pine Bough thingy with snow (IDK what it is called) (for 20c each thingy) i only need 6
-Christmas Lights (For 100c each) but i only need 6
-Different Types of Gifts (For 100c each) i need 20

To who will sell will get 2.71k c so Please sell Because I need them!!



  • 12.80 Karma
    The snowy tree boughs you can get from arctic mines easily

    There are no xmas lights only gold and silver xmas trees which have been fadey foamed and stood underneath

    There are 4 types of presents for your infomation
  • @Kiel@Kiel Member
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    i already know there is 4 types of gifts
    im just saying i wanna buy christmas stuff
    but im still saving cubits
    im not gonna buy until its not dec25

    so Reserve me pls
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    Most shops sell xmas stuff now so go to the hollas and ask there
  • @Kiel@Kiel Member
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    oh! i don't have c
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