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Christmas + Farming Photo Contest

ChocoMaleChocoMale Member
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How to enter ?
1. Build a farm and decorate with Christmas themed.
2. Hide your username using hidey bumper and take a screenshot.
3. Post your entry in the comment.

Rules ?
1. One entry per person.
2. It has to be your own farm / build.
3. Editing is not allowed.
4. Not only a normal farm, it must be decorated with Christmas themed.

Prizes ?
1st - 5,000c, Santa Set, Farmer Set, 3 Farmer's Almanac
2nd - 3,500c, Santa Set / Farmer Set, 2 Farmer's Almanac
3rd - 1,500c, Santa Set / Farmer Set, 1 Farmer's Almanac

The contest ends on Thursday Dec 14 20:00 2017 Cubic Time. (Type /time in game)

Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas! Have a happy holidays ^^


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