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Farm Egg Name Bug ( Mini Bug )

LiteRaryLiteRary Member
in Bug Reports 58.00 Karma
İn overworld it says "Touch your character to consume this" but in realms "Cook with this".

Before i understand it is glitch, i tried to consume this to my character in overworld, nothing happened.


  • Sugarcat101Sugarcat101 Member
    10.85 Karma
    Well, it is possible to do both of those things with the egg but that doesn't explain why it'd show that... maybe the conditions since in realms, a stove can be placed to cook it but not in overworlds (also ironic how it says "Touch your character to consume this" but you can't while in the overworld)
  • U  U Member
    104.65 Karma
    While we’re on this topic I’ll add when you try to place a sprinkler in someone’s realm that you have permission in, it says “Can not place this crop!” (Not 100% sure that’s exactly what it says but it’s similar)
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