My freind princess cookie 160 has been scammed

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my freind princess cookie 160 has been scammed by theyadoreddavid he has scammed cat holla cubic and expensive hats etc if you are the forums admin please ban this person for scamming my freind thank you. erm help please


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    If you want to report someone, please utilize this appropriate discussion;, which is for scam attempts and reports.
    And a reminder from the thread itself;

    "Please use this format:

    - Name of the realm/person or both.
    - How they did it.
    - What losses you had.
    - Time of the incident. ( this can be found by typing "/time" within your in-game chat bar )
    - Evidence (screen/video/chat-log) **REQUIRED**

    But remember, this discussion is mainly for scam awareness and punishment in harsh cases. No items will be refunded by us."

    Locking this up as it has been answered.
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