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Reign of the Empire - Star Wars Fanfiction

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"Commander, our long awaited meeting has come at last, though under rather interesting circumstances", the commander instantly backlashed;
"Imperial Scum!"
"Have you forgotten yourself commander?"
"I’m nothing like you..."
"That would be where you are right… commander"

Chapter 1 - Grand Admiral:
“Grand Admiral”
“The Emperor has requested your presence at the Death Star sir”
“Yes Grand Admiral”
“I see, prepare the travel to hyperspace then”
“Will do sir…”
The Chimaera, a dark shard piercing the black space that surrounded it, the star destroyed boarded the Death Star. As the doors opened to the Emperor’s throne room, Palpatine himself dawned a sinister smile, “Grand Admiral Thrawn.”

Thrawn remembered the day well, the day he came face to face with Palpatine… The sinister smile, the deformed face, the deep yellow eyes; was this due to some human condition or disease? Humans are weak, their bodies cannot sustain themselves well, they can die easily compared to other beings, but this was not a simple human condition or weakness… Palpatine could not be human, that Thrawn was sure of. Thrawn noticed that The Emperor gave of an aura; a negative one in particular, he was aware of his past, Supreme Chancellor of the Republic; Sheeve Palpatine… But Thrawn knew Palpatine could not simply be human… nor alien.

“You have called for me, your highness” Thrawn bowed
“Despite their recent escape, you have done ample job at dealing with the infamous Phoenix Squadron, however I have more pressing matters I need you to attend to.” “I’ll be placing the task of eliminating this phoenix squadron in the hands of Commander Urral.”
“And what of this, new assignment?”
“I’m glad you asked, recently the empire has taken massive blows from a separate rebel force independent from the alliance we’re used to: We haven’t yet had someone able of taking care of this rebel threat but I have high hopes for you Grand Admiral.”
“I understand, I will need time to inform myself on this new band of rebels”
“Take your time grand admiral, but only that which will assure the destruction of the rebel scum that dare defy the Empire”
“Yes, your highness”
“I’ll have Admiral Billon inform you on the details, with that you're excused”
“I understand.” With that Thrawn retreated down the stairs, only now capturing the presence of 2 Imperial Royal Guards lurking in the darkness. Out of all Imperial forces; Thrawn admired the Royal Guards, they are some of the best combatants the Empire houses and would most certainly be a combatant with the strength to beat even Thrawn when it comes to hand to hand combat, and for that is what Thrawn admires... But of course, hand to hand combat is insignificant, if one party used a supreme strategy then there is no true threat… That is why the Emperor chose Thrawn to defeat this enemy… That is why these rebels will soon by extinguished.
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