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Odd rental glitch ...

LizzyTheLizzyLizzyTheLizzy Member
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This is a little complicated, but when a rental has LITERALLY JUST run out of time, if you bump it perfect* timing, it glitches out and says that there is years of time left in it :P, also i bumped it, claimed it and it went green again but i didn’t have to pay... :P


  • canitbedonecanitbedone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
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    Whoa, weird bug o-O
  • LizzyTheLizzyLizzyTheLizzy Member
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    Whoa, weird bug o-O

    dangerous if people happen to sell rares on rentals and the glitch works then...
  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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  • LizzyTheLizzyLizzyTheLizzy Member
    edited December 2017 3.15 Karma
    lucaaa795 said:

    Weird one..Im sure ive seen it before tho..
    1,193,046 Hours =136.102042 Years
    So that number is equal to 136 years

    Maybe it counts up how many years worth of time it has done over the years.. Oh but then Cc would have to be 136 years old :P

    >It has happened another 3 times since yesterday lol

    Make that 4
  • razak8razak8 Member
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    i think its been there for a quite a while now found out it month in pen yard rental
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    well its a glitch if u try to jump i know how it works but even if u see that it will just be 1hour and it will be gone so its okay just number glitch
    if someone puts an item in the rental many of u wants the rental and someone got it already or its still trying to off the rental then thats what u see!
  • LateComLateCom Member
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    this is why I wait till it's 1sec left then buy the rental! Simple! If you get that 118364839 thingy means you're bumping the last time at 2 secs which makes you at a disadvantage when bumping!
    You take 3 secs to bump a rental bumper!
    E.g.: first time u bump: 2 secs
    If many others bumping, time will get to that 153836192647 thingy.
    next time you bump which is after 3 secs, the bumping during the middle period does not trigger the bumper.
    Means, bumping during 1 sec left makes it go like

    0, 15384519254 Rent now

    Means when the next time u bump the rental bumper it'll show rent thingy.
    Remember the bumper only allows you to bump once per 3 secs, any bumps between that period will not trigger the bumper.

    So basically when there's no one but you and 1-2 others you should bump it when left 2 secs then it won't show the 172926294628 thingy.

    Just some malfunction that some don't know how to get rentals by.
  • razak8razak8 Member
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    thx for heads up
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