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[Permanent event] Weekly Parkour Event

CD87CD87 Member
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After two weeks of preparations, the event is now ready to start!


Current race: 2

1) What is this?

Weekly Parkour Event is a player-made event, in order to encourage players, especially newbies, into parkour.

2) Is there any requirements?

Not at all! There isn't any paywalls, and you can win even though your level is 0!

3) Great, then where does it begin?

The event is located in a realm named "Weekly Parkour Event". The realm is open at all times, so you can enter and practice with ease.

4) What time does the race start?

The event will start every Saturday And, to benefit all players round the globe, I created two different time frames for the event:
+6:20 (Cubic Time): For 'odd' races (Race 1, 3, 5, ...)
+21:50 (Cubic Time): For 'even' races (Race 2, 4, 6, ...)

For example, race 27 ('Odd' race) will begin at 6:30, while the next race (Race 28 - an even one) will begin at 21:50
Note: There is only ONE race every week

5) What will we do in there anyway? And what are the rules?

You will have to race against other players in a parkour, and the rules applied to each race are different. However, there is a wide range of prizes for even the newest of the newbies, plus some hidden surprises to spice things up!

6) You mentioned "Hidden surprises", what are they?

I can't disclose which one will be in each race, but I can give you a list of them below:
Spoiler: List of surprises

+Basic changes to the original parkour
+A different parkour door that replaces the one down the realm. (aka. there will be random parkours at some times)
+Random weather stamps
+Ghosts, spudbugs and slymes are ready to knock you down
+Pvp to defeat all players and be the ultimate winner
+Puzzles that forces you to think and solve
+Decorations that depend on the current seasonal event
And more!

7) When will the event end?

The event will be held permanently. I will keep the event running for as long as possible.

8) What are the prizes?

For the first 10 players that finish the course, they'll receive either a clothing item or a non-craftable item.
For the first 50 players that finish the course, you'll receive 5 cubits
Sometimes, there might be hard-to-craft items besides cubits and clothing, since this event is mainly aimed at low-level players.

9) I like your event, can I help contributing to it?

Of course! All of your supports are valuable to me, as it will help the event grow and remain stable for the rest of CC lifetime:
+If you're willing to donate, there's a pig and donation tables in the event's waiting room. Or, you can meet me directly at any time,
+If you want to join me and help me host the event together, please talk to me directly because there are a lot to discuss.

10) I have more questions, what do I do?

Leave your comment down here and I'll answer it as fast as possible.

Finally, thanks for reading! I'll see you in the 1st race!
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  • canitbedonecanitbedone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
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    Have fun everyone ^^
  • Bluejay_1Bluejay_1 Member
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    Great Job @CD87 on assembling this.
    I have a question tho :3
    The 21:50 time. Is that still Saturday? (cc time)
  • Mr.ErZaMr.ErZa Member
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    Sounds Fun....
  • CD87CD87 Member
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    Race 1 is over! I've received many opinions out there, as well as some difficulty imbalance. Thanks everyone who joined that race.
    +Hidden surprise: None

    Race 2 ('Even' race) will begin at 21:50 next Saturday (Cubic Time)!
    Bluejay_1 said:

    Great Joy @CD87 on assembling this.
    I have a question tho :3
    The 21:50 time. Is that still Saturday? (cc time)

    Answer: Yes
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    Just name issue,they hide my road then i falling,make a rule requests them hide name :_:
  • 6.60 Karma
    Can I help? Friend me I am called OutdatedChicken... (obviously)
  • CD87CD87 Member
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    Race 2 has ended! It was pretty chaotic, but most people enjoyed the surprise I left for them.
    +Hidden surprise: Random parkour (The Musical Course)

    See you all in race 3, at 6:20 next weekend!

    Just name issue,they hide my road then i falling,make a rule requests them hide name :_:

    I made a system that forces players to hide their names, so it won't be a problem in the next race

    Can I help? Friend me I am called OutdatedChicken... (obviously)

    You should meet me directly in-game for further talks
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