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Banned for no-reason

MonsterQbiicMonsterQbiic Member
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Hello my name is xXAngelDemonXx

I was banned for no reason, never committed any infractions in the game i denounced several scammers in the forum, as an example "Supercat <3, PAJARO XD, elpeque123456" but today I'm coming to the game trying to enter with one of my accounts and stays in "Starting game" I thought it was something mine or my internet so I uninstalled and installed the game again, but nothing changed, a friend gave me her account and entered perfectly, I gave mine and her still did not get into his device, I do not understand the reason for this ban, and I demand that I be disbanded since I have not committed any infringement, I have not broken any rules and in absolutely all my accounts was banned: G4Angel, G4AngelYT, MonsterQbiix and xXAngelDemonXx . I await your prompt response and that this problem is solved.


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