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Cubic Castles Moderation Discord

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Theres been a while since we have opened a discord server for moderating issues. We use that server to be able to moderate certain situations quicker. However once you have joined please read the rules as they are pretty important.

Do you use the server for moderation issues only?
No, there are channels where you can socialize with others or share pictures/videos.

What kind of issues do you deal with in the server?
Mostly we will deal with the reports that have enough proof.

What if we dont have enough evidence to provide?
We can investigate depending on the scam or you can send the details straight to support.

Should I only report scams through the servers from now?
No, you should provide the evidence first, then use the report button as it helps building a portfolio for scammers and only after that send everything you have to us.

Server Link:
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