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Unintended Flash Sale! x2 Cubits for 24hrs

SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenGame Developer
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So... looks like we're having a sale. An Unintended Sale!

We made some changes to the cubit store before this update and as a result an old version of the cubit section got mixed in with the new store stuff bringing BACK the Kew Dad Sale, which we had after my daughter was born. So what to do??? Well to be fair we had to give the cubits to those who bought. And to be more fair, we had to give others a chance to get them too. So we're keeping it till tomorrow.

But how can it STILL be the Kew Dad sale now??? Well as it happens my daughter turns 3 months tomorrow. And she is getting cuter by the day. So we're just going to roll with it!

Sale will end Thu Nov 16 Cubic time around 10AM
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