Querido mod lea esto :)

in Community 1.80 Karma
Really sad that I'm banned allan, and a game that I've been two years and not even take the time to answer me that was what I did or what happened, maybe the problem of Headlessness? what I know is already resolved, right? this is unfair and I hope you read this comment because I've already taken many ... and doing this to a child as young as 12 years old could not take another punishment just for taking an ITEM DRUPEADO? that ugly then this without reason only bann I think that this was unfair and I do not say that what I did was fine but I get to the exaggeration>: vy I ask you please help me mods I just got something that dropped and aside I returned no meresco be treated as you treat me with A miserable bann .. it seems to me rather INJUST

Hace good day :)


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