New Craftables In Eden :D

We all know everyone will be rushing to get hold of the new items right?
Well, how about you get them cheap and make sure that you do too?

The Eden Vending Realm Is Ready To Stock Up Over 100 Of Each New Craft-able Once The Update Is Out!
How About Prices?
Spoiler: New Item Prices

Mirrors - 4/10c
Lil' Beds - 4/20c
Small Desks - 5/10c
Shop/Home/Chest/Drink Signs - 5/5c
Shop Display Blocks - 4/20c
Telephones - 2/30c
Radios 2/20c

Where Will These Vends Be Located In Eden?
The quick route to the new vends is through the door behind my register.
Please note that these vends won't be stocked until the items are added xD


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    Fortune favors the prepared mind @-@
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    fortune favors the lucky (me)
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    Update - I have recently realized that by releasing the items cheap in the Eden Vending Realm might not be the way to go as stock may disappear super quickly and the items won't be shared around as much.
    With that in mind i have decided to raise the new item prices in Eden when they come out. They will only be raised by a few cubits/batch
    example - 2c / sign
    What will happen to the old prices?
    The old prices will most likely still be used but will take effect after a few days and i have kept an eye on the economy.
    Thank you to those that understand and respect my decision.
    The new prices can be viewed in the eden vending realm through the door behind the register
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