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How to not get scammed and .perry. the scammer!

.Perry. is scammer! Careful!
She use plot scam , pls mod ban her...she scammed my friend Master Blacksmith!
Not get scammed trick

Drop game, When u drop is ,owner may take the stuff from u and ban u!

Foundation , Do not use foundation to buy stuff it can be scam, scammer will have alot trick to scam u!

Seeker Block,Sell seeker block in own plot, dont place it! Put it in glass , brcause owner may use seeker bumper make it to seeker then let u cant grab!

Payway , If owner sell all stuff for 10c watch carefuly the price! Owner may have trick to change to 10000c 1000c etc!

Perm, Dont give perm to who u meet in game! If real life friend u can give it!

Password, Dont give password to another person u meet in game! He/she may hack your account!

Fake mod/admin , Mod and advin won't ask your password! If they say they r mod call them show badge !

Sorry i talk look like mod Lmao....
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