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-Dexter's Selling Thread- Last Updated: September 12

DexterTheFoxDexterTheFox Member
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Wearable Items

Santa Shirt - 225 C

Raccoon Tails - 150 C each

Bunny Ears (White) - 200 C each

Fox Tails - 500 C each (avaliable as a donation to the shop) :3

Cat Tail - 200 C

Butterfly and Bat Wings - 70 C each (Dragonfly Wings are 65 C each)

Psychic Revelation Caps - 1,250 C each (might rise mainly because Plasm hunting isn't coming back next year)

Decoration Blocks

Spirit Lamps I, II, and III - 40 C each

Friendly Orb Webs - 50 C each

Bone Thrones - 280 C each

Haunted Chests - 200 C each

Resources and Craftables


Special Items


You can find these items and MORE at "Dexter's Shop" !

Thank you for shopping! ^-^


  • Royale KingRoyale King Member
    edited November 13 29.65 Karma
    Mind Reserving the Santa Shirt for me please? I'll buy it soon. Right now My network is unstable.
    I'll be able to buy it tomorrow :D
    UPDATE: Bought the Santa Shirt!
  • Kurt...Kurt... Member
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    I'll buy all the butterfly, bat, and dragon fly wings :)
  • 24.95 Karma
    Plasms aren't coming back next year?
  • LateComLateCom FamiliarMember, Familiar
    16.20 KarmaFamiliar
    yeh it was kida stated in one thread i dont remember which but like they said it was a hard decision whether to put it in this years pack or not..most likely will not be here next year ... but who knows?
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