Danmachi has won the Ram Kennel! Next up is a Wuvva Pig Kennel!

-Dexter's Selling Thread- Last Updated: September 12

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Wearable Items

Santa Shirt - 225 C

Raccoon Tails - 150 C each

Bunny Ears (White) - 200 C each

Fox Tails - 500 C each (avaliable as a donation to the shop) :3

Cat Tail - 200 C

Butterfly and Bat Wings - 70 C each (Dragonfly Wings are 65 C each)

Psychic Revelation Caps - 1,250 C each (might rise mainly because Plasm hunting isn't coming back next year)

Decoration Blocks

Spirit Lamps I, II, and III - 40 C each

Friendly Orb Webs - 50 C each

Bone Thrones - 280 C each

Haunted Chests - 200 C each

Resources and Craftables


Special Items


You can find these items and MORE at "Dexter's Shop" !

Thank you for shopping! ^-^


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    Mind Reserving the Santa Shirt for me please? I'll buy it soon. Right now My network is unstable.
    I'll be able to buy it tomorrow :D
    UPDATE: Bought the Santa Shirt!
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    I'll buy all the butterfly, bat, and dragon fly wings :)
  • AssassinationsAssassinations FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Plasms aren't coming back next year?
  • TetttTettt Member
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    yeh it was kida stated in one thread i dont remember which but like they said it was a hard decision whether to put it in this years pack or not..most likely will not be here next year ... but who knows?
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