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So I was mining in the arctic realm and I was gonna go back to my realm so I eat the warp food for the burger bumper I had in my realm and it says it is not available so I thinks that's weird and I leave and go to my realm thru the lobby and when I get in, I see I'm missing the following: 2 bends, some rares, a pig and corn farm sign(I found the corn under my portal) and a whole lot of items I'll say later. So I check who is permed and it is cocosiz and sammyside and I check friend list because I know it is ordered by who was on last. And I see cocosiz is near the bottom. And then I look for sammyside who I later found out unfrienede me. I go into her realm and she starts denying it when I ask her and she bans me so later I go thru my other account and I see my rating block, my burger warp bumper, all my food, my haunted chest, my dehydrator, my 17 Rocky soil, my 2 water cans, my coffin, my castle stamp. I couldn't find my corn sign but it is probably in her chest. I WARN U ALL NEVER GIVE PERM NO MATTER WHAT. NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED. AND ID U DONT BELIEVE MY STORY ASK FIRE BOY 100


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