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Ay cosas q ni entiendo ya q en el forum dice q si alguien o jugador lanza un ítem al piso ya seria del propetario y Trigrex hizo eso mismo y yo coji el ítem , aparte me acusa de robo de verdad no entiendo se q el ítem es de el pero es ilogico eso no ?


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    My translation :

    "There are things that I don't understand like the forums say that if someone or a player throw an item on the floor, it would become the owner's item and Tigrex has done this y I take this item, a this moment, he accusses me from robbering. I don't understand [idk what he said there]. Isn't it unlogical?"

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    How I see it is that if someone throws something on the ground by accident and you pick it up knowing that it is not yours or was not donated it is stolen. Now if someone comes, drops some items and leaves or says that he is donating certain items to you that is fine. I might be wrong but that is my point of view.
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    Pero el duenio del articulo se lo había prestado a su amigo y su amigo lo tiro tigrex se enfado y se fue y su amigo igual solo digo q esto por un punto es ilógico ya si quiere cierre el tema
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    I just want my headless back ( I am Tigrex )
    I was dropping the headless to my alt account named: TheDarkMurderer but idk why the headless fall out of my imventory and the owner took it and banned both of my account...
    Scammer is: Dark0s17
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    Si pero creo q tu unieras hecho lo mismo :v ya q si se me callera una rare en tu mundo ubises hecho lo mismo
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